Advanced APDs

Key Points

  • The Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD) credential recognises a level of dietetic practice beyond entry level.
  • An AdvAPD has outstanding leadership skills and uses their high-level dietetic knowledge to influence the health of their community.
  • Applications for AdvAPD are open twice a year. Applications close on 31 January and 30 June each year.
  • Applicants need to meet established criteria in the form of competency standards.
  • Advanced APD status is granted for 5 years. Renewal is required once 5 years is reached.
    • Applications for renewal are due on 31 August annually and if you are required to renew, you will be emailed reminders leading up to this date.

Want to know more?

You can apply if you are an APD and have at least 5 years’ experience working as a dietitian.

  • Look at the schedule of application closing dates and choose a realistic target.  Most successful applicants indicate they have worked on their application over several months.
  • Consider working with one or more colleagues and prepare your applications together.  A colleague who is familiar with your work experience over time is very useful.
  • Think about working with a mentor, ideally an AdvAPD who has been through the process recently.
  • Your CV forms an integral part of the assessable evidence for your application. Assessors will use it to cross reference activities, tasks and outcomes to assist in determining if each criterion was met. Make sure your CV is current. Your application will then indicate how the experiences documented in your CV demonstrate the advanced competencies.
  • Your referees are also integral to your application so choose your referees carefully. Ideally one referee should be an Advanced APD and both referees should be able to comment on your performance at a higher level. The referee should be someone who also works at a higher level (not necessarily a supervisor).
  • Your evidentiary material should include examples of different styles of writing e.g. evaluation reports, business plans. It does not need to include presentations, whole journal articles or letters of invite. Evidentiary material should not exceed 25 pages.

Step 1. Review the AdvAPD Policy which includes the AdvAPD competencies as attachment 1.

Step 2. Review the AdvAPD application guide and cover page

Step 3. Complete the AdvAPD application template and provide your evidence as attachments to the application template to form your portfolio.

Step 4: Obtain 2 referees who can complete the Referee Report

Step 5: Complete the Cover page and electronically save your application ready for submission.

Tips for preparing your application for submission

  • Assemble all documents which outline your activities; these may take some time to put together.  Your ‘My CPD’ logs are a good start, along with diaries, older versions of CVs, and copies of conference programs.
  • For each competency, you should include only the example of evidence that best demonstrates you meet the requirement (not every example).
  • Using a large sheet of paper or a soft copy ‘mind map’, outline the most significant activities of your career; focus on the last 5 years, but significant activities prior to this can be included.  Select from your ‘map’ the best examples to demonstrate each criterion.
  • Start populating the template using the outline of examples.  Do not worry about wording at this stage.  You may use the same event or situation more than once if different competencies are demonstrated.
  • Each time you review the template start at a different point – focus on a later or middle unit rather than always refining from the beginning.
  • If there are criteria that are difficult to demonstrate, review your CV or logs, or ask a colleague for suggestions.
  • Once the template is completed refine the wording; move examples as needed. Ensure that if you are asked for “examples”, that you do provide more than one.
  • Ask your mentor or colleagues for feedback.
  • Refine & review again.
  • Check out the Advanced APD Applications- Getting it Right presentation on DINER for further tips on applying.
  • You can log up to 20 hours of CPD for the completion of your AdvAPD application, in the year of your application (once only)

Applications are due on 31 January and 30 June annually.

Option 1: Email your application as a pdf document with bookmarked sections.


Option 2: Post a USB stick/flash drive to Credentialing Dietitian,
DAA 1/8 Phipps Close DEAKIN ACT 2600

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and follow up with any questions.

Your application is then forwarded to two reviewers (checked for conflict of interest) who are AdvAPDs that have renewed for a second 5 years. They assess the portfolio of evidence against the competencies and return their completed assessment to the Executive Manager of Credentialing and Professional Services. It is then reviewed by the DAA Board and the DCC are also advised of the outcome. This is a lengthy process which can take up to 3 months to complete.  You are advised of the outcome in writing.

Applications to renew your AdvAPD credential are due on the 31 August annually, and we will send you reminders leading up to this date. You will need to review the AdvAPD 5 year renewal Application Guide and then submit the following:

If you are an AdvAPDs and are due to complete your 5-year renewal, we will contact you 3 months prior to remind you. Should you have any queries please contact us.

If you require any assistance in preparing or submitting your application, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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