Provisonal APD Program

Key Points

  • Must be completed within a maximum of 2 years.
  • Requirements include 30 hours of CPD annually and a minimum 12 month mentoring partnership.
  • The usual annual CPD requirements apply immediately.
  • 52 week mentoring partnership with a Full Status APD (who maintains their Full APD status during the whole period of the mentoring partnership):
    • Register your partnership within 6 months of joining the program. Do this online via the ‘My Mentoring‘ page.
    • Meet with your mentor in person (or via internet-based technology where you can see each other) at least monthly and for a minimum of 1 hour.
    • Log a minimum of 12 one-hour sessions across 12 different months in ‘My CPD’.
    • Complete your partnership online through the ‘My Mentoring‘ page.
  • The Provisional APD program cannot be deferred. Taking breaks from the APD program, e.g. if you lapse or resign, may impact your requirements if you return to the APD program in the future.


Want to know more?

No. The workplace is the best place to consolidate learning, however, even if you are not working as a dietitian, the Provisional APD Program can support you to maintain your dietetic knowledge. This means you will be best placed to start work as a dietitian when the opportunity presents.

No. Provisional APD is a classification internal to DAA only, and means you have been provisionally granted the status of APD. For all external purposes, you are an APD. You are able to use the APD credential and logo, and be recognised by Medicare, DVA and relevant private health insurers.

No. Health funds, employers, referrers and consumers are able to enquire with us to ascertain if a dietitian is an APD. We will only indicate whether a member has APD status, not whether they are Provisional. As an individual, you can choose to tell your employer that you are participating in the provisional component of the APD Program and explain the benefits of participation.

Ideally you will complete at the end of the first year, however, you may need longer. If you don’t complete after 2 years, you may be suspended from the program. You may reapply to join the program after 1 year. It is not possible for you to condense the Provisional APD Program into less than 12 months.

It is up to you to find your mentor. It is important that you choose someone who not only has an appropriate level of experience in dietetics, but also has the appropriate interpersonal skills to support learning and development. A good place to start is by searching Find a Mentor on our website, which has details of those APDs willing to be contacted.  However, you are welcome to approach APDs outside of this – the one requirement is that they are a Full APD.

For Provisional APDs entering into a mentoring partnership to complete the requirements of the Provisional APD Program, the mentor must be a Full APD and must maintain their Full APD status during the entire period of the mentoring partnership.

It is your responsibility to organise and be prepared for your meetings. You are the driver for the mentoring relationship.

If you are a Provisional APD, only one mentoring partnership may be registered with us at any one time and must be continued for a period of 52 weeks. You may have more than one mentor at a time, but be aware that only the one registered with us will contribute to the requirements of the Provisional APD Program.

No, we check if your nominated mentor is a financial member of DAA and a Full status APD. Aside from that, the choice of mentor is yours.

No. You will need to make appropriate arrangements to make contact on a regular basis. Contact does not have to be in person but does have to be ‘face to face’; you may choose to phone, use email or a combination of these outside of mandatory monthly face to face meetings.

You should choose a mentor you feel comfortable with. This person may have been a supervisor during your studies or may be a valued colleague. They should be able to give you professional advice about case management and suitable CPD activities, but should also be able to give personal advice on your career and assist you in meeting your own personal and professional goals.

If you are a Provisional APD, you need to use ‘My Mentoring’ to register your mentoring partnership, record your mentoring contact hours in your CPD log, and finalise your partnership via ‘My Mentoring‘. It is a good idea to plan your discussions with your mentor rather than relying on informal chats. You might discuss your goals and objectives for the year, or your professional development plan or performance agreement.

The mentoring partnership is for your benefit, so if your expectations are not being met, it is your responsibility to follow this up with your mentor. If it is not possible to improve things so that you feel the partnership is useful and supportive for you, you may choose to end the relationship. Although there are no formal mechanisms in place to resolve unsatisfactory agreements, you can contact us if you need general advice.

You can enter into another mentor partnership for the balance of the 52 weeks. You will need to submit an end of mentoring report in ‘My Mentoring’ for your initial mentor, and complete a new registration for your new mentor.

To be considered for Full APD status you will need to have:

  • Completed 52 weeks in the Provisional APD Program
  • Documented each of your face-to-face monthly mentoring meetings in ‘My CPD’ (at least 12 x one-hour sessions in 12 separate months).
  • Completed an ‘End of Mentoring Report’ in ‘My Mentoring
  • Completed any required dietetic practice requirement (for those completing RoAP)
  • Declared that all of these requirements have been met

The Formal Stuff