Signing up for the APD Program

Key Points

  • You are eligible to hold the APD credential if:
    • You have completed a DAA accredited University dietetics program,
    • You have completed the Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) exams, or;
    • You have mutual recognition from New Zealand.
  • You can join/re-join straight into the APD Program if:
    • You have graduated from a DAA accredited University dietetics program or passed the Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) exams within the last 3 years
    • You were a Full APD and you have lapsed or been deferred, and your last active APD year is within the last 3 years.
  • You will need to join/re-join the APD Program via an alternate pathway if you do not meet the above criteria
    • These pathways include Delayed Entry, Resumption of Accredited Practice (RoAP) and Alternate Process.
    • The pathway appropriate for you will be assessed individually based on your recency of dietetic qualifications and practice.

Join the APD Program

Note: To be part of the APD Program, you will need to be a financial member of DAA or pay an annual APD credential fee. When joining or renewing your APD status, you will need to agree to mandatory declarations.

When joining the APD Program, you agree that you must meet the APD program requirements for the upcoming year (either at years’ end or at the time of deferment request through the year, where applicable) or this year will not count as an active APD year.

Want to know more?

You can enter the APD Program without meeting any additional requirements. You will need to be a financial member of DAA and in an APD eligible membership category, i.e. not in the ‘student’, ‘retired’ or ‘not working in a related industry’ categories, or pay an annual APD credential fee.

Please follow the following steps to join the APD Program.

Step 1: Become a DAA member. If you are a student member of DAA and wish to upgrade now that you are qualified, please read the information about evidence of course completion. If you wish to be an APD without being a member of DAA, please contact for assistance with your application. Once you have paid your fees, you can progress with the next steps.

Step 2Apply online to join the APD Program by going to the dashboard, clicking ‘My APD’ and follow the prompts. This process only takes a few minutes to complete!

Step 3: Once your APD status has been successfully renewed, you will receive some important information about the APD Program. You can start using your APD credential immediately and you should start logging your CPD online in the ‘My CPD’ section and begin searching for a mentor if required.

You will need to apply to enter the APD Program via an alternate pathway. The possible pathways include:

  • Delayed entry
  • Resumption of Accredited Practice (RoAP)
  • Alternate process
  • Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) exams

Each of these are summarised in the APD Policy.

To apply for entry via an alternate pathway, we will need to assess which pathway is the right one for you based on your recency of dietetic qualifications and practice. To do so, all applicants will need to complete an initial application.

To apply, please email the following documents to us.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will advise you which pathway you are eligible for. Additional fees and/or application forms may apply depending on which pathway you follow.

The Formal Stuff