Taking a Break

Key Points

  • You can take a break or defer from the APD Program for up to 3 years without needing to meet additional requirements when returning to the APD program.
    • If your break lasts for longer than 3 years, you will need to apply to re-join the APD Program via an alternate pathway.
    • Your 3 year break is based off your last active APD year (i.e. the year you last completed the APD program requirements including CPD)
  • You can defer both your membership and APD status, or choose to defer your APD status only. (Note: Provisional APDs are not able to defer).
  • You are not required to complete CPD while you are deferred however will need to complete some CPD and your learning outcomes prior to deferring.
  • If you apply to defer after 1 October in any given year, you will need to complete and log 50% of your CPD requirements for that year (i.e. 15 hours) prior to deferring.
  • Don’t forget to plan how you will meet recency of dietetic practice in future years.
  • If you are returning to DAA and/or the APD program after a break your membership and/or APD status will be listed as active from the specific date that you completed the reinstatement process for each of these.

While your APD status is deferred, you are unable to call yourself an APD or use the APD credential. You should not display your APD certificate. Relevant external groups, such as Medicare, will be advised of changes in APD status.

Want to know more?

To defer your APD status, please defer online. To defer your membership and APD status, go to the dashboard and click ‘defer membership’. To defer ONLY your APD status, from the dashboard click ‘My APD’ and follow the prompts.

Note that CPD Learning Goals, Logs and Learning Outcomes must be submitted for the period leading up to the date of commencement of intended deferment in order for the deferment to be accepted. If you defer your APD Status After the 1st October in any year you will need to have completed at least 50% of your CPD logs (i.e. 15 hours). Each learning goal must have at least one activity allocated to it, and one goal must be related to professional competence.

To defer your membership in addition to your APD status, please see the Deferring my Membership page.

The Formal Stuff