Overseas educated dietitians – Assessment Stage

Assessment of Eligibility to sit the DAA Examinations in Dietetics (overseas qualified dietitians)

This section is for NEW Dietetic Skills Recognition candidates only.

Please refer to the Dietetic Skills Recognition Criteria.

Please note DAA does not have the authority to assess applications for a Skills Assessment for Migration Purposes for nutritionists who are not dietitians.

The information in the application form is collected by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) for the purpose of assessing your eligibility to undertake an examination in dietetics. All personal information will be handled confidentially in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended 2001). Details may be verified with or provided to other agencies where necessary or required by law.

This is an application to assess your eligibility to undertake an examination in dietetics. It is not an application to sit an examination; this will be made available to you if you are assessed as eligible. DAA assesses your eligibility to undertake the examinations in dietetics by checking that you have the required qualifications to practise dietetics in your country of qualification, and that your professional education and experience is of a standard that would adequately prepare you to practise in Australia. The standards and processes for assessment are established and maintained by the Australian Dietetics Council.

Who should apply for an assessment of eligibility?

You need to apply for an assessment of eligibility if you plan to undertake the examination for overseas qualified dietitians.  This examination is required if you want to practise dietetics as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) in Australia.

This application is not to be used if you want your overseas qualification assessed in general educational terms for comparability to an Australian award. If you are seeking this type of assessment, contact the Department of Education and Training, Qualification Recognition Policy (QRP) section for more information. Please note, the QRP assessment will not allow you to practise as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) in Australia.

Completing the application for an assessment of eligibility

  • Read all the information available to you regarding the dietetic skills recognition process on this website.
  • Answer all questions in English.

Supporting documentation required by DAA

The following documents must be provided with your application. Your application for an assessment of eligibility will not be processed until all necessary documentation is received. Only certified copies will be accepted (copies of certified copies will not be accepted), please do not send originals . See certification of documents below.

NOTE: Requirements 2 to 4 are not mandatory if your dietetic qualification was obtained in the last 3 years.

  1. Certified copies of evidence of your current registration, recognition or licence to practise OR evidence you are eligible for registration/credentialing/licencing.
  2. Evidence of employment in your profession over the last three years, i.e. a summary or letters from employers indicating the following:-
    • the dates of each period of employment (indicate full-time or part-time)
    • the name of the employer, and country location and the nature of the business
    • your job title and description
    • the nature of your work, including most important tasks performed or projects completed
  3. Two references from employers, or, if self-employed, two references from professional colleagues attesting to your professional competence
  4. A copy of your current CV
  5. Certified copies of your qualification papers/award (such as degree, diploma, certificates etc.) in the original language and a translated copy;
  6. Certified copies of your transcripts of completed dietetic tertiary courses showing subjects (specifically physiology, biochemistry and practical placements), hours, and examination results, in the original language and a translated copy;
  7. Certified copies of evidence of dietetic internship/professional practice placement (ie letters or certificates from the supervising tertiary institution or the placement organisation);
  8. Two officially certified recent passport-size photographs of yourself, endorsed on the reverse with name and signature of official. See certification of documents below.

and, where applicable;

  1. Certified copies of evidence of passes in English language test (either OET or IELTS)
  2. Certified copies of evidence of change of name, e.g. a marriage certificate (only if the name on your documents is different from your current name)

You must also send certified copies of official translations into English of any of the documents above which are issued in languages other than English.

If forged, altered or falsified documents are submitted to DAA, no assessment will be provided and your assessment fee will not be refunded.

If you cannot obtain the required documents, you should email the DAA at dsr@daa.asn.au for advice before proceeding as applicants will be assessed as ineligible to sit the examination if they cannot demonstrate that they meet all the necessary criteria.  There will be no refunds for applications that are lodged without all required supporting documentation.

If an assessment is not completed within 6 months due to insufficient or unacceptable documentation being provided, the application will be rejected and fees will be forfeited, no refunds will be provided.

Certification of documents

All copies of original documents must be clearly authorised as true copies of the original by an appropriate person ie, a person or agency recognised by law of the country the documents are certified in.

In Australia documents can be certified by any authorised person from the Department of Home Affair’s Occupations that can certify documents list.

Outside Australia a person or agency qualified to certify documents for a visa/passport application would be appropriate. Please note, we do not accept certification from Migration agents.

To have copies certifies, both the original and the copy of the document must be presented to the person carrying out the certification. Each copy of the document must be certified separately and mush show clearly:

  • the words “certified true copy of the original” (Photo: “this is a true photo of …….”)
  • the signature of the certifying officer, and
  • the name and address or provider/registration number of the official legibly printed below the signature. It must be possible for the DAA to contact the certifying office if required.


Fees for Dietetic Skills Recognition services are non-refundable. In addition to a fee for the Assessment of Eligibility, there is a separate fee for each of the examinations. All DSR fees will be reviewed annually on 1 April.

All costs of preparing and submitting an application must be met by the applicant.

Waiting time for assessment

An assessment of eligibility may take up to six weeks to process from the date of payment and all documentation is received. Please do not telephone to check on the progress of your assessment.  When complete, your assessment result will be forwarded by email.


Australia’s privacy legislation prohibits DAA from discussing your application with other people unless you authorise us to do so. If you want someone such as a family member or other agent to deal with DAA on your behalf, you need to send a letter signed by you authorising this person (by name) to act as your agent.


If you are assessed as not eligible to undertake the oral and written examinations in dietetics, you may appeal this decision. Please read the information on Appeals.

The next steps after an eligibility assessment

Once you have been assessed as eligible you are able to apply to sit the MCQ examination in dietetics. Check the information on examination fees, venues and dates.

Need more information

All enquiries concerning the assessment/recognition processes for overseas qualified dietitians should be directed to the DSR Administrator at dsr@daa.asn.au.

DAA offers the following payment options:

All Fee payments must be in Australia dollars.

DAA offers the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card: (Visa or Mastercard only)

Online payment is processed immediately on a secure site. A Tax receipt will be issued and sent to your email address. All payments must be made in Australian dollars.

  1. Bank Cheque/Money Order:

Send your Bank cheque or Money order (in Australian dollars) along with a copy of your confirmation. A receipt will be issued to acknowledge the DAA has received your Exam application fee.

Please include a copy of your email receipt with your cheque or money order and forward to:
DSR Administrator
Dietitians Association of Australia
1/8 Phipps Close

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer

For electronic funds transfers please contact the DSR Administrator for details. You will need to select ‘Payment by Cheque’ to complete the application process.

Please note there is no refund if your application is withdrawn or remains incomplete for more than 6 months.

Apply for Assessment of Eligibility to sit Professional Examination in Dietetics for Overseas Qualified Dietitians.

Assessment Application

Please contact the DSR Administrator at dsr@daa.asn.au for additional information regarding the application process.

A separate application form and fee will be required for the assessment and each of the examinations.

You will receive a confirmation email/receipt once you have submitted your application. Applications and documentation to be posted to;

DSR Administrator
1/8 Phipps Close

The standards and processes for assessment and recognition of dietetic qualifications are established and maintained by the Australian Dietetics Council (ADC), an external governing body that ensures DAA is delivering an efficient, effective and equitable dietetic skills assessment service that supports the operations of the Department of Home Affairs’ Migration Programs.