Awards and Prizes


List of awards in hierarchical order
Sept 2017
Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to a member of DAA for eminent service to the profession of dietetics in Australia, at National or State level
30 March
These awards recognise major sustained contributions of DAA members to the Association and/or the profession given at the National level. Outstanding Contribution Award nomination form 
30 March
These awards recognise major sustained contributions of DAA members to the Association and/or the profession given at the National level. Young Achievers Award nomination form 
30 March 
These awards recognise substantial contributions of members to the Association and/or the profession who may not qualify for other awards. Award of Merit nomination form 
30 March 
This award is in honour of Barbara Chester and is presented at the QLD ABM annually. Barbara Chester Award nomination form 
30 March
Certificate of appreciation and recognition issued to members for their professional contribution to DAA 
May 2013
Membership Loyalty Certificates 
Issued each May to members who have held continuous membership for 20, 30 and 40 years
Nominations accepted where a member of DAA staff, or a contractor who is a member, demonstrates outstanding commitment to the association and provides a level of service above and beyond the requirements of their position or contract
Lecture is delivered annually at the DAA national conference, in conjunction with the annual general meeting
Jan 2016 
Guidelines are intended to assist members/Branches in preparing recommendations for awards to colleagues
June 2016 
Honorary Membership
This award is allowed for in clause 17 of the Constitution. Normally only one of these awards is permitted in any one year.
May 2015 

Scholarships & Grants

This scholarship supports a higher degree or other approved study program related to developing professional practice in food service management. Not available in 2017. 
Nov 2016 
The aim of the CPD Grants is to encourage and support members to participate in CPD and to enable feedback on a variety of CPD activities to DAA Members. All Branch EDC’s invite grant applications for DAA events. Application Form
Feb 2018
Members who are novice presenters are encouraged to apply for this travel grant to assist and support them to present their work overseas. Application Form.
Jan 2016 
 Small Grants program is designed to support novice researchers in developing skills and knowledge in research and evaluation. Application Form
Jan 2016 
Grants are available to APDs presenting at Australian medical and allied health professional  conferences. Application Form.
May 2018


This award is to recognise innovation in any of its forms.
Jan 2016 
To promote Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN) to APD members who have demonstrated strength and commitment to EBP in their practice setting. Application Form.
July 2017 
This policy gives DAA Interest Groups the opportunity to apply to access funds for the purpose of offering a DAA dietetic research prize at an external conference. Application Form
Mar 2017