You can defer your DAA membership at any time for up to three years, for example to have a baby, care for family, extended travel or when you’re working in a non-dietetic role.

Deferring membership

To defer your membership, go to your Member Dashboard, select Defer Membership and follow the prompts. If you are an APD, this will automatically defer your APD status as well.

Your CPD logs will need to be up to date before you defer. More information about logging CPD, including how many hours you are required to complete before deferring, can be found here.

Before you defer your membership, please note:

  • Once you defer your membership and APD, any relevant external groups such as Medicare and Department of Veterans Affairs will be advised
  • You cannot use the APD credential whilst you are deferred
  • You can defer for a maximum of three consecutive years
  • Whilst your membership is deferred, you will not have access to any member services or communications
  • If you pay your membership in full for the year and then decide to defer, a refund is not provided (see member fee policy)
  • After your membership has been deferred beyond the maximum three years, it will lapse

If you have paid your membership in full for the year and are experiencing financial hardship or there are extenuating circumstances, you can apply for a refund in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.

Pay via instalment

If you pay your membership fees by instalment and defer part-way through the year and later wish to reinstate your membership in that same year, you cannot pay by instalment at that time. At that time, you would need to pay a pro-rata membership fee for the remaining months of the year, and any applicable admin fees (please see Membership Fees Pay by Instalment).

Deferring my APD status

You may wish to defer your APD status and keep your membership active.

Your APD status can be deferred for up to three years without the need to meet additional requirements when you return to the APD program. If your break lasts for longer than three years, you will need to apply to re-join the APD Program via an alternate pathway.

To defer your APD status online, go to your Member Dashboard, select My APD and follow the prompts.

*Please note: Provisional APDs cannot defer their APD status. For more information, please see the APD Program Handbook or the APD Policy.

CPD logs

Prior to deferring your membership and/or APD status, your CPD logs will need to be up to date. 

Your CPD learning goals, activities and learning outcomes must be completed up to the date you intend to defer, for your application to be considered. Each learning goal must have at least one activity allocated to it, and one goal must be related to professional competence. If you defer your APD status after 1 October in any year, you will need to have completed at least 50% of your CPD for that year (i.e. 15 hours). Please see here for information about logging CPD, including examples.

For the period that your APD status is deferred, you are not required to meet CPD requirements.

Returning from a break

When you are ready to reinstate your APD status and have renewed as a full member (or APD Only), it’s quick and easy to do online – just go to My APD from the Member Dashboard and follow the prompts.

For further information, please see Taking a Break in the APD Program Handbook.

Lapsed and want to defer?

If your membership lapsed in the current year, you can still defer if you wish to. Please note an admin fee of $55.00 applies for a late application to defer (i.e. after lapsing). Please contact our Membership Officer for details.


Contact our Membership Officer or our APD Administrator as applicable.