Membership Types & Payment Options

Who can join?

To be a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, you must be a qualified dietitian or a dietetics student at an accredited university.

DAA offers a range of membership categories to suit your current employment status / study situation. If you have any questions about which category to join, contact our friendly membership team.

Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.

Membership fees are:

  • paid on an annual basis (Jan-Dec)
  • paid in full (12 months) or by instalment (3 instalments)
  • non-refundable

Membership Categories

As a full member, the fee you pay reflects your current employment status. This means you pay less if you are not working full-time hours.

Please note: if your employment status changes during the membership year, for example you reduce your working hours, take a career break, have a baby, or become unemployed, it is not possible to change your fee level until the following membership year.


Membership Category Description APD status Annual Fee (incl GST) Early Bird (incl GST)
Paid work: 20 hours per week or more Working 20 hours or more per week (including non-dietetic related work). Eligible $739.00 $705.00
Paid work: less than 20 hours per week Working less than 20 hours per week (including non-dietetic related work). Eligible $601.00 $575.00
Overseas Living and working overseas as a dietitian. Eligible $515.00* $490.00*
Unemployed/ Career break/ Parental leave Currently not working, but wishing to maintain membership/APD status Eligible $376.00 $361.00
 Full-time study Dietitian undertaking further dietetic studies, not working more than 8 hours per week. Eligible $376.00 $361.00
Non-Practising Dietitian** Employed in a role where nutrition/dietetics skills not required. Not eligible $310.00 $290.00
Student** Dietetics students, enrolled in an entry level accredited course. Not eligible FREE FREE
Affiliate** Dietitians living outside Australia who are current full members of an overseas national dietetic association recognised by the ICDA or have statutory registration in their own country. Not eligible $140.00* $133.00*
Retired** Retired from employment as a dietitian (over 55 years). Not eligible $83.00 $79.00

*Does not attract GST
**Does not include access to PEN

Non-member – APD credential only

No member services included
No access to PEN

Description APD status Annual Fee
(incl GST)
APD only APD credential only. Eligible to be a full member, but does not wish to be. Eligible $679.00

Membership Dates 2020

Early Dec  2020 Membership year begins. Current members have until Wednesday 25 March 2020 to renew.
Early Dec – 10 Feb 5% Early Bird Discount off annual fee. (Not available for members paying by instalment)
10 Feb Pay by instalment option closes.
25 Mar Final cut off for renewals. If not renewed, membership and APD status will lapse on Monday 1 April 2020. Fee of $55.00 to reinstate or defer.
1 Jul – 30 Sep  Pro-rata membership fees* available (50% of annual fee + $66.00 PEN fee where applicable.)
1 Oct – 31 Dec Pro-rata membership fees* available (25% of annual fee + $66.00 PEN fee where applicable.)
 31 Dec Current Membership year ends. Current members have until following March to renew.

Administrative fees

Pay by instalment fee Applies to each instalment $11.00
Declined payment fee Instalment unsuccessful or declined $11.00
Reinstatement fee Lapsed members, renewing outside of renewal period $55.00
Late deferral fee Lapsed members, deferring outside of renewal period $55.00
Cancellation fee New members only. Must be cancelled within 4 weeks of joining. $66.00

The best and most cost-effective way to pay membership fees is in full at the beginning of the year. However, pay by instalment may be a good option if you have limited funds to outlay at any one time. Please read the following conditions carefully before you opt to pay by instalment:

  • Early bird discount is not available for instalment payments.
  • Annual fee is divided into 3 instalments, each payment incurs an $11.00 admin fee.
    • First payment: the day membership is renewed
    • Second payment: Friday 1 May 2020
    • Final payment: Tuesday 1 September 2020
  • When paying by instalment, it is not possible to change your membership category part-way through the year if your employment circumstances change (e.g. if you start the year in full-time employment, and then reduce your work hours or become unemployed)
  • The pay by instalment option is only available until 10 February each year. If you suspend your instalments part-way through the year (e.g. if you defer or lapse) and you wish to reinstate your membership in that same year, you cannot pay by instalment again. To reinstate, you can pay a pro-rata fee (see below).
  • You need to ensure your credit card details are kept up-to-date, and that there are enough funds in your account.
  • If an instalment is missed, your membership and APD status will lapse.
    • If your APD status lapses, we are legally required to inform Medicare. Once informed, Medicare will cancel your provider number and you will not be eligible for payment of rebates for the lapsed period. We take no responsibility for your loss of income.
  • If your membership lapses, a fee of $55.00 applies should you wish to re-instate.

If you join or reinstate after 1 July in any year, you may be eligible to receive a pro-rata discount on your membership. This discount applies to:

  • New members
  • Resigned members
  • Deferred/Lapsed members*
1 Jul – 30 Sep Pro-rata membership fees* available (50% of annual fee + $66.00 PEN fee where applicable.)
1 Oct – 31 Dec  Pro-rata membership fees* available (25% of annual fee + $66.00 PEN fee where applicable.)

*Members who were financial in the previous year and lapsed in the current year are not eligible for pro-rata membership, unless compassionate grounds can be demonstrated. The full annual fee is payable by these members, plus a $55.00 reinstatement fee.

There is no pay by instalment option for pro-rata fees.


Please contact our Membership Officer for any further information.