Full time study

If you are an existing full member, you may apply for membership fee remission if you return to full time study to enhance your practice of dietetics.

This option is only available if:

  • you are enrolled in a full time PhD or other tertiary level course, and
  • your course will enhance your nutrition and dietetic practice, and
  • you are not working more than 8 hours per week.

Please note:

Fee remission does not apply to study that will ultimately see you move away from practising dietetics as a result of your new qualification.

What documents do I need to provide?

To apply, please complete an Application for Reducation of Fees for Further Dietetic Studies form and post to us with a certified copy of your proof of enrolment.

What is a certified copy?

Please see this page for more information about certified copies.

Where do I send my documents?

Please post your documents to:

Dietitians Association of Australia
Attention: Membership Administrator
1/8 Phipps Close
Deakin ACT 2600


Contact our Membership Administrator for any further information.