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DAA has numerous publications and resources available.  Some items are available to the public, others are for members only. Below you will find resources that are freely available and available for purchase.

Professional and Nutrition resources available for free download

Improving patient outcomes through Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Nutrition intervention by Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) can considerably improve patient outcomes. This poster lists 36 conditions / diagnoses, indications for referral and patient health benefits seen when an APD is involved in nutritional management of their condition.

Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids poster.

Developed by DAA and Speech Pathology Australia, this poster is a visual representation of the Australian standards for texture modified foods and fluids.

To accompany the poster is the Nutrition and Dietetics supplement: A scale for modified fluids and a scale for texture-modified foods: Australian Standardised Terminology and Definitions for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids

Development of Nutrition and Menu Planning Standards for Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

This DAA project reviewed the top line literature related to nutrition and menu planning in residential Aged Care Facilities and investigated stakeholder interviews on the possible development of national planning standards. The project report was published online in 2012

Enteral Feeding Manual for Adults in Health Care Facilities

The DAA Nutrition Support Interest Group has developed this manual for dietitians and other health care professionals who need a practical resource for managing enteral nutrition support.

Nutrition and Hydration Policy Support Handbook for Acute Adult Inpatient Setting (under review)

The SA Chapter of DAA’s Nutrition Support Interest Group has developed this policy support document to provide guidelines for dietitians and other health professionals to develop local or state level nutrition and hydration policies and/or standards.

Parenteral Nutrition Manual for Adults in Health Care Facilities

The DAA Nutrition Support Interest Group has developed this manual for dietitians and other health care professionals who need a practical resource for managing parenteral nutrition support.

Process Manual

This manual was developed for the purpose of guiding the reviewers undertaking the Review of the evidence to address targeted questions to inform the revision of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Telehealth/Technology-based Clinical Consultations

This document outlines the considerations that are needed when providing telehealth or technology-based clinical consultations.

Resources available for purchase

Nutrition Manual 2014 Edition – Version 2

The Nutrition Manual is a concise, practical online manual with easy to follow guides to special diets, comprehensive food choices charts, suggested menus and nutrient analysis for each diet. Please see the Table of Contents for more detail. This is an essential resource for hospitals, aged care facilities, residential centres, community centres, libraries and the hospitality and food industry.

Family Feud DVD

This is a 20 minute video and activity kit describing strategies parents can use to address fussy eating and food refusal. It includes tips and hints about fussy eating for children under 5 years of age.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Aging (per 5)

Colourful 3-fold, A4 double sided information brochure specifically targeting frail aged and their carers with information on healthy eating.

Marketing Manual for Dietitians- online subscription

Learn how to market your unique APD skills and the dietetics profession. This electronic resource is applicable to all work settings and includes practical case studies and worksheets relevant to clinical, private practice and industry settings.

Small Business Manual- 12  month online subscription

An online manual which provides helpful information on getting your business off the ground, and useful tips for managing a small business.

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