Editorial Board

Meet our Editorial Board, comprised of Australian and International experts working in the field of nutrition & dietetics and dedicated to publishing quality research in Nutrition & Dietetics.


Editor in Chief

Associate Professor Judi Porter

  • Position: Eastern Health/Monash University, Australia
  • Qualifications: PhD, MHSc, MCFSM, GCHPE, GDipNutDiet, BAppSc, FDAA
  • Year Appointed: 2019


Statistics Editor

Marijka Batterham, PhD, MMedStat, MSc, BSc, GStat, AdvAPD, AN University of Wollongong, Australia

Systematic Literature Review Editor

Elizabeth Neale, PhD,  BND (Hons.), APD University of Wollongong, Australia

Clinical Trials Editor

Sharleen O’Reilly, PhD, GCHPE, BSc(Hons), APD University College Dublin, Ireland

Qualitative Research Editor

Dianne Reidlinger, PhD, RD, APD Bond University, Australia

Editorial Board Members

Andrea Braakhuis, PhD, RD The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Katrina Campbell, PhD, AdvAPD Bond University, Australia

Wei Chen, PhD, Zhejiang University, China

Clare Corish, PhD, FINDI, RD University College Dublin, Ireland

Kacie Dickinson, PhD, BNutrDiet (Hons), APD Flinders University, Australia

Jane Elmslie, PhD, GDipSci, DipHSc, NZRD, Christchurch School of Medicine, New Zealand

Suzie Ferrie, PhD, CNSC, AdvAPD Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia

Vicki Flood, PhD, MPH, APD University of Sydney, Australia

Janelle Gifford, PhD, MSc, BSc, BBus, Adv APD, Adv Sports Dietitian Core Nutrition, Australia

Rebecca Golley, PhD, BND, BSc(Hons), APD, AN University of South Australia, Australia

Kathryn Hart PhD, BSc Hons, DipADP, RD University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Ingrid Hickman, PhD, BHSc, AdvAPD, AN Princess Alexandria Hospital, Australia

Vasant Hirani, PhD, DDiet, MSc, BSc(Hons), APD University of Sydney, Australia

Tilakavati Karupaiah, PhD, APD, AN Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Nicole Kiss, PhD, MNutDiet, BSc, AdvAPD Deakin University, Australia

Jimmy Louie, PhD, MNutrDiet, BSc(Hons), APD, AN University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Evangeline Mantzioris, PhD, BND, BSc, Grad Cert High Educ, APD, AN, SDA University of South Australia, Australia

Andrew McAinch, PhD, MNutrDiet, BApplSc, BSc(Hons), APD, AN Victoria University, Australia

Claire Palermo, PhD, MPH, MNutDiet, BSc, AdvAPD, FDAA Monash University, Australia

Kirrilly Pursey, PhD, APD University of Newcastle, Australia

Anna Rangan, PhD, GDipNutrDiet, BSc, APD University of Sydney, Australia

Lynda Ross, PhD, BND (Hons Class 1), AdvAPD Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Nerissa Soh, PhD, BMedSc, MNutrDiet, APD, AN University of Sydney, Australia

Sze Yen Tan, PhD, MSc, APD, AN Deakin University, Australia

Helen Truby, PhD, M.Hum Nutr, AdvAPD Monash University, Australia

Robin M. Tucker, PhD, RD Michigan State University, United States of America

Carol Wham, PhD, MSc, BHSc, DipEd, NZRD Massey University, New Zealand

Serene Yoong, PhD, BNutrDiet(hons), APD, AN Hunter New England Local Health District, Australia

Jo Zhou, PhD, MNutDiet, BSc, DipMed, APD Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide, Australia

Journal Strategic Planning Committee

Katrina Campbell (DAA Director Responsible)

Marijka Batterham

Judy Bauer

Elizabeth Neale

Sharleen O’Reilly

Judi Porter (Chairperson)

Dianne Reidlinger

Linda Tapsell