CAL News

September 2016


It was a busy month for CAL, with the first Paediatric Nutrition Course running in Brisbane during the first week of August. The ChildD team were overwhelmed with the popularity of the course and the positive feedback received for each of the modules.

We caught up with one of the attendees, Megan, who was very pleased that she’d registered for the course and attended all three modules. Here is what she had to say:

“Learning new skills during my five days of training has given me more confidence to work in a variety of paediatric clinical areas, as I plan on entering the world of paediatric dietetics. I also believe that this training through the Centre for Advanced Learning will set me apart from other candidates when applying for jobs – it shows my dedication to learn about paediatrics.”

“My favourite and I believe the most valuable topic covered was Food Allergies. This section of the course has given me the knowledge and skills to see patients with allergies and advise parents on the introduction of solids/allergens.”

“Attending a course run by the Centre for Advanced Learning has provided me assurance that I am up to date with the latest research and it has connected me with experts in the field of paediatric dietetics.”

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out. CAL and ChildD are planning to take their course around the country and internationally! The next Paediatric Nutrition Course will run in Hong Kong in October. Keep an eye on the Centre for Advanced Learning page for announcements about 2017 dates.

August 2016


Are you interested in building or refining your media skills? Or becoming a DAA Spokesperson in future?

DAA Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) and Red River Strategic Communications have partnered to offer you specialised media training specific for health professionals!

We are offering this course in two locations:

  • Monday 29 August-Tuesday 30 August 2016 in Melbourne
  • Monday 5 September-Tuesday 6 September 2016 in Sydney.

Places are very limited, to allow for more personalised coaching. Red River ‘gets’ talking health messages with the media, as they’ve provided media training to DAA media spokespeople over many years.

We spoke to DAA Spokesperson Clare Collins about her experience with Red River. Clare said “Having media training helps you clarify how to get your message across. Training is not only useful for media interviews – it’s improves your communication with patients, colleagues, students (if educating) and in meetings.”

Clare added “Personally, writing a plan before interviews and meetings reminds me how much you need to break any concept down. I find this especially useful when preparing grant applications or reports. The process of doing this helps you order your thoughts and draw-out the main point you are trying to make.”

When asked what has been the most valuable take-home from training with Red River, Clare said “Media training provides you with confidence that you won’t get ‘stage fright’, as you have these broken down points to go back to when you’re under pressure or in the spotlight. After completing any training or updates with Red River I always deliver my best interviews, as I’ve had that practical experience of being under pressure.”

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to set yourself apart. Take a look at the details for the Media Skills Essentials courses running in Melbourne and Sydney soon.


July 2016

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It’s not too late to join the first Centre for Advanced Learning Course in Paediatrics!

DAA has partnered with ChildD, a small group of leading paediatric dietitians to offer our National Paediatric Dietetic Training Course.

With plans to run this course in several locations, we are kicking off in Brisbane 1-5 August 2016. Places are filling fast to learn from experts in the field, in a dynamic learning environment.

Module 1 is aimed at student dietitians, emerging dietitians and other health care or child health professionals. Module 2 is perfect if you need to brush up on your paediatric nutrition knowledge, if you are in private practice or if you happen to work in a busy rural location where your clients are many and varied.

Module 3 is an introduction to Advanced Paediatric Nutrition and is particularly unique. Participants will be provided with an in-depth theoretical and practical foundation in areas such as critical care, neonatal nutrition, metabolic medicine, parenteral nutrition and the ketogenic diet.

We spoke with Joanna Munro, Program Manager for ChildD and the coordinator for the course about what this program can offer dietitians and other health professionals. Jo said “The opportunity to spend up to five days face to face with our experienced team of dietitians is a unique experience not to be missed. We have something to offer student dietitians and medical students right through to those dietitians and medical officers who are currently working in paediatrics and want to enhance their knowledge and skills”.

Take a look at the modules offered for the National Paediatric Dietetic Training Course and register now to take your career to the next level.