Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body Image


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About the course

DAA Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) and Glenn Mackintosh Weight Management Psychology (WMP) are thrilled to bring you a new course in Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body Image.

Weight management is a challenging area for practitioners and clients alike, and psychology plays an important role in enhancing long-term outcomes through the application of evidence-based principles and techniques.

This professional development program is to assist dietitians in understanding a range of psychological approaches to weight management. While providing research, theory, and application of skills within the scope of dietetics, it will also ensure an understanding of professional boundaries and scope as a dietitian, assist in understanding the evidence, and aide in collaborative professional relationships with psychologists, particularly around appropriate referrals. The course does not assess competence, nor provide qualification, to practice in any particular therapy. Further specific training is required to become a practitioner in any therapy discussed.

The course consists of a two-day basic-level workshop that explores the research, effectiveness, and practical application of a range of effective psychological interventions for use in a clinic setting.

An optional third day branches into Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) and psychological considerations of specific weight management issues such as bariatric surgery and non-dieting approaches.

Participants can choose to attend the first two days only, or come along for all three!

In order to attain a certificate, participants need to attend the full course schedule, and complete the online assessment. Assessment is in the form of a multiple choice quiz.

Suitable for

  • New graduates in Dietetics (Bachelor or Masters level)
  • Accredited Practising Dietitians
  • Registered Psychologists

Leave this course with

  • Psychological skills and strategies to support patients on their weight management journey
  • Up to 20 DAA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) assessed hours
  • Recommendations, guidelines and evidence based literature to add to your toolkit
  • Network of dietitians working in the field of weight management
  • CPD hours can be logged if this course aligns with your APD learning goals
  • A Certificate of Attendance

Course outline

Learning Outcomes:

On Day 1, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand research on the effectiveness of current behavioural, psychological, and surgical interventions for weight management.
  • Apply Goal Setting to the area of weight management, including developing realistic goals, holistic goals, and the application of values.
  • Apply psychological skills to help clients develop mindfulness, motivation, positive thinking, balance, patience, resilience, and self-efficacy in the area of weight management.
  • Tailor psychological skills to the presenting client and engage clients in developing psychological skills.
  • Understand relevant research on the ineffectiveness and potential harm of weight-focused behavioural approaches and potential benefit of non-dieting approaches.

Learning Outcomes:

On Day 2, participants will learn how to:

  • Introduce and apply the theory and application of the Circle of Healthy Eating; a non-dieting framework for developing intuitive eating.
  • Introduce and apply a psychological framework for physical activity adherence and enjoyment.
  • Understand relevant theory and research on emotional eating, and it’s relationship with psychological wellbeing and weight management outcomes.
  • Introduce and apply a theoretical framework for overcoming emotional eating.
  • Understand the social and cultural, origins of a “normative discontent” with body-image, and the effects of body image on overall wellbeing and adherence to healthy living.
  • Apply simple and effective strategies to improve body image.
  • Cohesively apply the principles and techniques of weight management psychology with a range of clients.

Participants may complete the course at the end of Day 2, or continue on to Day 3.

Learning Outcomes:

On Day 3, participants will:

  • Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) for eating, physical activity, and weight management
  • As a group, choose between the following options to either:
    • Explore psychological considerations of bariatric surgery, or
    • Review non-dieting, weight-inclusive and Health at Every Size (HAES ®) approaches
  • Learn Mindset shifts for Dietitians who want to stand out in a noisy health and wellbeing industry



About the Course Presenters

Glenn Mackintosh is the Founder of Weight Management Psychology.

His public work has seen him as the resident psychologist on Ten’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed and he’s a weekly contributor on the psychology of health for Style Magazines.


Glenn is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, a fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society, and the Queensland representative for the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-image Interest Group. Before venturing into full time private practise, he was the Director of Psychology at the Wesley Lifeshape Clinic, and he also consults with Qld Bariatrics patients pre- and post- surgery.

Glenn’s research investigated psychological and social factors and weight management, and he has lectured in weight management psychology, health psychology, and sport and exercise psychology at the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

He has also developed the self-help resources The Complete Reprogramming Series, co-created Weight Management Psychology – Emotional Freedom Techniques for Weight Management Online Program with Professor Peta Stapleton, and developed The Twelve Month Transformation, a group and online program helping people free themselves from yo-yo dieting and develop naturally healthy habits.

Glenn’s passion is in helping people manage their eating, physical activity, weight, and body-image and training other professionals in applying psychological principals to help their clients who are grappling with weight management issues through his sold-out professional workshops, online courses for Personal Trainers through the Australian Fitness Network, and online courses for dietitians in conjunction with Dietitian Connection.  He is enjoying spreading evidence-based, weight-inclusive, innovative messages in his practice, the media and public life.


What participants are saying

“Glenn is my go-to psychologist and a brilliant, engaging presenter. This is the kind of training I wish we had more of at university. His training is invaluable for the dietitian looking to better support clients to make changes that stick.”

Lyndi Cohen – The Nude Nutritionist and Channel 10 Dietitian

“Glenn’s strategies are a perfect addition to every Dietitian’s Weight Management Toolkit.”

Amanda Clark – Founder of Portion Perfection & Great Ideas in Nutrition

“I would personally like to thank you for such a wonderful presentation. The feedback on the day was very positive: most liked the informal feel and ability to ask questions, with very informative presentations!”

Leanne Wagner, Organiser DAA Bariatric Roadshow

“Using Glenn’s tools and non-diet approach to weight management has our clients walking away more knowledgeable about their eating behaviours and confident in changing their relationship with food for life.”

Lisa Peterson, Author of Mediterranean Eating & Dietitian at Tree of Life Nutrition

“Glenn breaks down complex psychological techniques into simple steps that anyone can understand and apply. Combining his tools and techniques with nutrition education provides a more holistic approach to my practice and has created lots of light bulb moments with my clients that will stay with them for life.”

Anna D’Arcy, Director of My Nutrition Clinic