Dietetic Information and Nutrition Education Resources

Logo showing DINER certifiedDietetic Information and Nutrition Education Resources (DINER) is a database providing members access to quality resources for professional development or client education.  Information and learning materials include resources such as:

  • Information sheets, brochures and pamphlets
  • Books and booklets
  • Manuals
  • DVDs, powerpoint presentations and webinars
  • Practice guidelines

Resources included in DINER are reviewed and verified by DAA to be a quality source of current, evidence-based information.

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Send us your feedback! We’d like to hear from you, email with your comments. You can also recommend a resource for DINER by forwarding details about the resource to the email address above.

pip-150x150Professional Interest Portal

The Professional Interest Portal (PIP) is a newly developed category, housing information of professional interest for dietitians.

PIP resources are topical and interesting information which may not necessarily have the strength of evidence, in the same way as DINER resources do. PIP resources could include information on emerging practice areas, topics with evidence that is building, or areas of interest for dietitians.

Members can submit resources and search for PIP resources, in the same way as for DINER. The eligibility for resources to be included in PIP  is less strict than for DINER and allows us to share with each other pertinent information to enhance our practice.

Disclaimer: PIP is solely for professional interest. Resources on PIP do not have endorsement, nor do they represent DAA’s stance on a topic. DAA reserve the right to exercise its discretion in accepting content to PIP. PIP allows members to share resources and information on emerging or controversial topics or areas on the fringe of dietetic practice in a private portal. Members are advised to use their professional judgement and discretion when using any of the information outside of the private member portal.