Challenging Misinformation

DAA regularly responds to inaccurate or misleading stories on nutrition in the media. Recent examples include:

Big Food and Big Nutrition Lies – Sydney Morning Herald (1 November 2016)

DAA contacted Fairfax Media in response to an article questioning the independence of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

DAA response: Sydney Morning Herald (1 November 2016)

Arthritis and gout alert: How what you’re eating is making your pain worse (9 September 2016)

DAA contacted Nine News to express disappointment in the discussion around arthritis, gout and nutrition, which contained non-evidence based information that could mislead viewers.

DAA response: Nine News (29 September 2016)

Using food to combat the big C – Big Rigs (3 September 2016)

DAA contacted Big Rigs to express concern with an article about diet and cancer, which contained inaccurate, non-evidence based information that could mislead readers.

DAA response: Big Rigs (13 September 2016)

Should I go gluten-free – Harper’s BAZAAR (1 September 2016)

DAA contacted Harper’s BAZAAR to express disappointment in an article about gluten, which contained non-evidence based advice that could mislead readers.

DAA response: Harper’s BAZAAR (12 September 2016)

Coconut oil – Byrdie (11 & 12 August 2016)

DAA contacted Allure Media, who publish, to express disappointment in the inclusion of non-evidence based information about coconut ‘oil’. DAA also encouraged use of local guidelines and experts.

DAA response: Byrdie (19 August 2016)

Coffee – Body + Soul (3 August 2016)

DAA contacted Body + Soul to highlight some inaccuracies in an article about coffee, including statements about skim and organic milk. DAA is grateful to Body + Soul for taking on board our feedback. Body + Soul has unpublishing the online piece, with plans to correct the information in this article.

DAA response: Body + Soul (11 August 2016)

Beating Diabetes – Insight (1 March 2016)

DAA was disappointed that, despite providing an expert APD Spokesperson for the discussion panel, he was not included in the episode discussing diabetes management. DAA has urged Insight to include expert panel members and to present balanced, complete information in future.

DAA response: SBS Insight (4 March 2016)

Archived responses of interest:

Which oil should you be cooking with? – Huffington Post (28 October 2015)

Paleo diet broadcast on Sunday Night (16 August 2015) 

Omitting food groups and misleading bone broth benefits – Mind + Body (August 2015)

Cholesterol  – ABC 612 radio, Brisbane (March 2015)

Salt Shake up – Delicious (February 2015)