Dietitians Making News

DAA Spokespeople, members and staff regularly provide accurate, evidence-based and practical nutrition messages to Australians through a range of media communication channels, including:

  • Television
  • Magazines (including consumer and health professional publications)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Online.

Have you seen an APD spread expert nutrition advice in the media? We invite you to send us a link to the article. We may be able to include it in next month’s update. Please contact  Pattie King, Media and Marketing Dietitian.


Childhood obesity: what can we do about it?

Suzie Harte, APD

Gut Feeling: Why you should be fertilising your microbiome

Charlene Grosse, APD

The new super-nutrient all pregnant women need in their diet

Kathleen Perrone, APD

Forget dieting and make friends with food

Simone Austin, APD

What the ‘20’ bit of the 80:20 diet actually looks like

Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Stop wasting time peeling vegetables – you’re throwing out the most nutritious bit

Themis Chryssidis, APD

Three dietitian-approved dinners that cost under $5

Melissa Meier, APD

80% of those with Coeliac disease are going undiagnosed

Penny Dellsperger, APD

Help. I’m scared of my food

Gabrielle Maston, APD &  DAA Spokesperson

Decoding the relationship between food and endometriosis

Marika Day, APD

How to fight your bad mood with food

Nicole Dynan, APD

How to look after your gut bacteria this festive season

Charlene Grosse, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Spice of life: Experts weigh in on cinnamon ‘obesity cure’

Veronique Chachay, APD and Gabrielle Maston, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Why your mouth burns when you eat pineapple

Lisa Donaldson, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Is peanut butter healthy? We ask the experts

Sarah Leung, APD and Caroline Salisbury, APD

PCOS And Diet: How Food Can Help

Kate Marsh, APD, Lisa Moran APD and  Melanie Mc Grice, APD and DAA Spokesperson

What are ‘fasting’ diets and do they help you lose weight?

Clare Collins, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Indigenous kids missing out on fruit and vegetables

Dympna Leonard, APD

Everything you need to know about edible hemp

Kellie Bilinski, APD and DAA Spokesperson, Margaret Allman-Farinelli, APD

Why low iron levels might be affecting your performance

Alan McCubbin, APD

6 Tips to eat slower and avoid overeating

Anna Debenham, APD & Alexandra Parker, APD

Skipping breakfast could increase heart attacks, study finds

Natasha Murray, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Bitter sweet: the hidden kilojoules in your favourite tipple

Tim McMaster, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Egg-cellent way to prevent malnutrition

Jessica Danaher, APD

Grains for Muscle Gains

Felicity Curtain, APD

How to eat right for your age

Jessica Spendlove, APD

Is Greek yoghurt really better for you?

Themis Chryssidis, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Biology could be to blame for carbohydrates cravings

Melanie McGrice, APD and DAA Spokesperson

6 Foods You’ll always find in a dietitians fridge

Kellie Bilinski, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Which elements of European cuisine should be adopted for better health

Georgia Bevan, APD and Kate Gudorf, APD

The Greedy persons guide to healthy eating

Steve Flint, APD

Study links surprising habit to increased body fat

Julie Gilbert, APD and DAA spokesperson

Healthy eating/Nuts: the good, the bad and the choices

Clare Wolski, APD

How baking can improve your mental health

Rajshri Roy, APD

Good foods to help ease gout

Kate Di Prima, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Are ‘Protein’ Ice-creams and yoghurts healthy?

Chloe McLeod, APD

Is a healthy diet expensive

Sian Armstrong, APD,  Catherine Saxelby, APD and Clare Collins, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Going Vegan? Here’s How to Get the Nutrients You Need

Fiona O’Leary, APD and Susie Burrell, APD

Do you need to eat more to build muscle?

Jess Spendlove, APD and Chloe McLeod, APD

5 foods every dietitian wants you to eat

Tyson Tripcony, APD

The truth about vitamins for kids

Kate Di Prima, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Everything you need to know about iron

Caitlin Reid, APD

6 ways to eat veggies at breakfast and actually like it

Joel Feren, APD and DAA Spokesperson

How to overcome bloating

Trent Watson, APD and DAA Spokesperson

How do plant-based milks stack up nutritionally?

Suzie Ferrie, APD

The weight that comes with age

Clare Wolski, APD