Dietitians Making News


DAA Spokespeople, members and staff regularly provide accurate, evidence-based and practical nutrition messages to Australians through a range of media communication channels, including:

  • Television
  • Magazines (including consumer and health professional publications)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Online.

Have you seen an APD spread expert nutrition advice in the media? We invite you to send us a link to the article. We may be able to include it in next month’s update. Please contact  Felicity Curtain, Media and Marketing Dietitian.


Poor diets blamed for ‘scary’ scurvy return

Tim McMaster, APD and DAA Spokesperson

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Tania Ferraretto, APD and DAA Spokesperson

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Caitlin Reid, APD

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Chloe McLeod, APD

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Themis Chryssidis, APD and DAA Spokesperson

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Kellie Bilinski, APD and DAA Spokesperson

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