Dietitians Making News

DAA Spokespeople, members and staff regularly provide accurate, evidence-based and practical nutrition messages to Australians through a range of media communication channels, including:

  • Television
  • Magazines (including consumer and health professional publications)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Online.

Have you seen an APD share expert nutrition advice in the media? We invite you to send us a link to the article. We may be able to include it in next month’s update. Please contact  Pattie King, Media Officer.


Letting kids take control of their diabetes treatment

Carmel Smart, APD

Kids lunch box ideas

Sharon Natoli, APD

Health benefits of sauerkraut

Melanie McGrice, APD & DAA Spokesperson

What to eat to improve your chances of falling pregnant

Anita Star, APD

Newcastle students take on healthy fast food challenge for Smart Eating Week

Clare Collins, APD

Label reading for Smart Eating Week

Anna Scobie, APD

Is the Keto Diet everything it’s cracked up to be?

Bronwen Greenfield, APD

In search of the best practice food fortification in aged care

Danielle Cave, APD

Can the alkaline diet improve health?

Melanie McGrice, APD & DAA Spokesperson

The best and worst diets for 2020

Nicole Dynan, APD

New research: more dietitians needed in remote communities

Dympna Leonard, APD and Tara Diversi, APD & DAA President

5 Health foods on the rise in 2020

Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokesperson

6 ways to spruce up your summer salad

Themis Chryssidis, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Is seaweed the next superfood?

Melissa Meier, APD

What is spirulina?

Bronwen Greenfield, APD

Health benefits of Sauerkraut

Marika Day, APD

Three food trends that could change what you eat in 2020

Simone Austin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

5 healthy food swaps to help you celebrate the season

Themis Chryssidis, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Using garlic to improve your wellbeing

Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Understanding a vegan diet

Clare Collins, APD

Simple ways to eat less meat

Lisa Donaldson, APD

What is leaky gut syndrome?

Marika Day, APD

Be food safe this festive season

Cristal Newman, APD

4 Common nutritional deficiencies

Milly Smith, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Cooling foods to beat the summer heat

Kate Save, APD

Guilt-free ways to lose extra holiday kilos

Dana Winik, APD and Rosie Stern, APD

Are vegans healthier than meat-eaters?

Milly Smith, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Why hangry people are less in control of their emotions

Felicity Curtain APD and DAA Spokesperson

What exactly is a plant-based diet?

Marika Day, APD

Collagen supplements: magical elixir or over-hyped health food fad?

Melissa Meier, APD

Vitamin D and calcium supplements: is there any benefit?

Joanna McMillan, APD

Is a plant-based diet safe for children?

Nicole Dynan, APD & DAA Spokesperson and Louisa Matwiejczyk, APD

What processed foods actually do to your heart

Sian Armstrong, APD and Joanna McMillan, APD

Body image issues with young athletes

Georgie Buckley, APD

What is xanthan gum?

Joel Feren, APD

New research: impact of red meat on chronic disease

Rosemary Stanton, APD, Clare Collins, APD & Joanna McMillan, APD

What to eat during pregnancy

Melanie McGrice, APD

Drinks for children under 5 years

Natasha Murray, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Impact of gut health on weight

Joanna McMillan, APD

The marathon runner diet

Chloe McLeod, APD

The health benefits of legumes

Aloysa Hourigan, APD

How to eat safely in the great outdoors

Jo Money, APD

What you should eat to work better under pressure

Jane Freeman, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Can yoghurt and a high-fibre diet lower the risk of lung cancer?

Nicole Dynan, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Five things to consider when referring to a Dietitian

Amanda Clark, APD

A vegetarian’s guide to the Mediterranean diet

Felicity Curtain, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Are carbohydrates necessary for a balanced diet?

Rachel Hawkins, APD and Kate Save, APD

Lupin flour

Emma Stirling, APD and Antigone Kouris-Blazos, APD

Are you low in iron? The signs to look out for.

Melissa Meier, APD

Poor diets reviving the curse of scurvy

Melanie McGrice, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Are plant-based milks a healthy alternative?

Margaret Hays, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Are processed vegan foods healthy?

Nicole Dynan, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Five tips for boosting winter immunity

Joanna McMillan, APD

Health benefits of Ramadan

Lina Breik, APD

Making Brussels sprouts tasty

Themis Chryssidis, APD

Chicken soup boost your health this winter

Joel Feren, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Inexpensive healthy eating

Joel Feren, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Clare Collins, APD

Poor diet quality more harmful than smoking

Robert Hunt, DAA CEO

Healthy breakfast choices

Melissa Meier, APD

Do you really need a multivitamin?

Chloe McLeod, APD

What is flexitarian eating?

Natasha Murray, DAA spokesperson & APD

Intuitive eating

Fiona Sutherland, APD

Are dumplings a healthier choice?

Anika Rouf, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Pros and Cons of Soy Milk

Melanie McGrice, APD, Natasha Murray, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Hanan Saleh, APD

Everything in moderation

Melanie McGrice, APD

Obesity epidemic requires new government regulations

Clare Collins, APD

Why am I so tired?

Babette O’Mara, APD

Blue Zones: nutrition tips to live longer

Melissa Meier, APD

Rice: nutritious types to choose

Hannah Brown, APD

Coeliac Awareness week: guide to going gluten free

Natasha Murray, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Emma Halmos, APD

Tips to know before going vegan

Nicole Dynan, APD & DAA Spokesperson, Yasmin Probst, APD

Six signs to healthy eating

Anna Debenham, APD

Foods for gut health

Rebecca Gawthorne, APD