Dietitians Making News

DAA Spokespeople, members and staff regularly provide accurate, evidence-based and practical nutrition messages to Australians through a range of media communication channels, including:

  • Television
  • Magazines (including consumer and health professional publications)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Online.

Have you seen an APD spread expert nutrition advice in the media? We invite you to send us a link to the article. We may be able to include it in next month’s update. Please contact  Pattie King, Media and Marketing Dietitian.


Inexpensive healthy eating

Joel Feren, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Clare Collins, APD

Poor diet quality more harmful than smoking

Robert Hunt, DAA CEO

Healthy breakfast choices

Melissa Meier, APD

Do you really need a multivitamin?

Chloe McLeod, APD

What is flexitarian eating?

Natasha Murray, DAA spokesperson & APD

Intuitive eating

Fiona Sutherland, APD

Are dumplings a healthier choice?

Anika Rouf, DAA Spokesperson & APD

Pros and Cons of Soy Milk

Melanie McGrice, APD, Natasha Murray, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Hanan Saleh, APD

Everything in moderation

Melanie McGrice, APD

Obesity epidemic requires new government regulations

Clare Collins, APD

Why am I so tired?

Babette O’Mara, APD

Blue Zones: nutrition tips to live longer

Melissa Meier, APD

Rice: nutritious types to choose

Hannah Brown, APD

Coeliac Awareness week: guide to going gluten free

Natasha Murray, DAA Spokesperson & APD and Emma Halmos, APD

Tips to know before going vegan

Nicole Dynan, APD & DAA Spokesperson, Yasmin Probst, APD

Six signs to healthy eating

Anna Debenham, APD

Foods for gut health

Rebecca Gawthorne, APD

How to eat a ‘balanced diet’

Clare Collins, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Health benefits of nuts

Lisa Renn, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Plant based milk vs. cow’s milk

Tim Crowe, APD and Nicole Dynan APD & DAA Spokesperson 

Is bubble tea a healthy choice?

Milly Smith, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Dietitians call for New Nutrition Guidelines

Robert Hunt, DAA CEO

The benefits of magnesium

Maria Packard, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Removing guilt from food

Joyce Haddad, APD

How to make beans taste delicious

Themis Chryssidis, APD

Healthy snack ideas

Lisa Donaldson, APD 

How to nudge yourself towards healthier eating

Georgia Bevan, APD

Is almond milk even really that healthy?

Simone Austin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Mind how you eat

Gael Myers, APD

What does it mean to lose ‘water weight’?

Alan Barclay, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Introducing allergen foods to infants

Natasha Murray, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Why you don’t need to detox

Melissa Meier, APD

Pros and cons of a Pegan Diet

Kiah Paetz, APD and Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokespersons

Three ways stress impacts body weight

Melanie McGrice, APD

Food tips for better sleep

Lauren McGuckin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Are Poke Bowls healthy?

Milly Smith, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Should you drink hot tea to cool down?

Anika Rouf, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Creating a sustainable food service

Nicole Senior, APD

What to eat for Christmas?

Tim McMaster, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Simple things you can do to say health

Katrina Savage, APD and Kara Landau, APD

Limiting the effects of a hangover

Nicole Dynan, APD

How to have a healthy Diwali

Anika Rouf, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Processed vs. Ultra-processed foods

Melanie McGrice, APD

Importance of nutrition in aged care

Ngaire Hobbins, APD

A low-histamine diet

Nicole Dynan, APD

Nutrition advice from personal trainers

Simone Austin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Eat the rainbow

Margaret Hays, APD and Charlene Grosse, APD & DAA Spokesperson  

Difference between dieting and healthy eating

Felicity Curtain, APD & DAA Spokesperson

What is Gluten

Aloysa Hourigan, APD

Why you’re putting on weight on a vegan diet

Melissa Meier, APD

Who invented the Mediterranean Diet?

Anika Rouf, APD

Eating for longevity

Charlene Grosse, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Nutrition to ace exams

Jessica Danaher, APD and Themis Chryssidis, APD & DAA Spokesperson

The ins and outs of sugar in foods

Alan Barclay, APD

Sugar in fruit vs. other foods

Rebecca Gawthorne, APD

Emu Eggs – are they nutritious?

Maria Packard, APD

Impressing picky eaters

Roslyn Giglia, APD, Kyla Smith, APD and Margaret Hays, APD & DAA Spokesperson

How much chicken is the right amount to consume?

Melissa Meier, APD


Omega 3’s during pregnancy

Melanie McGrice, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Nutrition during gymnastics training

Serena Whitby, APD

Menu options in aged care

Simone Austin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

The link between your gut health and your mood

Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Kombucha – is it worth the hype?

Nicole Dynan, APD & DAA Spokesperson

What is heavy cream in Australia

Trent Watson, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Times in your life where you might be more likely to gain weight

Lisa Renn, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Adapting our diet as we age

Cherie Hugo, APD

Food Synergies to maximise nutrition

Natasha Murray, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Steps to prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes

Alan Barclay, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Effective ways to move towards a healthy weight

Clare Collins, APD and Stefanie Valakas, APD

Making healthy homemade burgers

Joel Feren, APD

Optimising your water intake

Lauren McGuckin, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Top 3 ways to boost athlete immunity

Helen Duong, APD

Making the most of moderation

Clare Wolski, APD

Eating for AFL

Simone Austin, APD

Myths surrounding healthy eating and weight loss

Jessica Ruescher, APD and Deborah Kerr, APD

The best healthy snacks for work

Stefanie Valakas, APD

What you should and shouldn’t eat if you suffer from Anxiety

Lisa Donaldson, APD & DAA Spokesperson

How to make the perfect healthy smoothie

Themis Chryssidis, APD and DAA Spokesperson

What you need to know about zinc deficiency

Trent Watson, APD and DAA Spokesperson

A common digestive disease you didn’t even know about

Joel Feren, APD & DAA Spokesperson

Mindful Eating

Kate Marsh, APD and Melissa Franklin, APD

The Nordic Diet – is this a healthy eating pattern?

Maria Packard, APD and DAA Spokesperson

Kitchen Confidence: How we lost our food skills and how to get them back

Clare Collins, APD Margaret Allman-Farinelli, APD Joel Feren, APD & Fiona McKenzie, APD

5 Things that happen when you take a break from booze

Gael Myers, APD