Joint Statements

Joint Position Statement: Addressing the Physical Health of People With Mental Illness

Mental health and physical health are fundamentally connected. A proportion of individuals experiencing mental illness will also experience poor physical health, and poor physical health can in turn be associated with poor mental health. Given the well-known relationship between physical and mental health, an increased focus on holistic multidisciplinary treatment can enhance quality of life, and improve the physical and mental health outcomes for individuals living with a mental health disorder.

We recently worked with Exercise & Sports Science Australia and the Australian Psychological Society to develop a Joint Position Statement Addressing the Physical Health of People With Mental Illness. The purpose of the joint position statement is to endorse dietary and exercise interventions that can provide a range of physical, social and mental health benefits to those living with a mental illness.

Food Security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Policy

We recently worked with Public Health Association of Australia and Australian Red Cross, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Indigenous Allied Health Australia and Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation to develop a Joint Statement on Food Security and Background Paper. The purpose of the joint statement is to provide succinct data about the current situation in relation to food security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, and outline the action we and the PHAA will undertake to address the issues identified.

Joint Position Statement on Oral Health and Nutrition

The Dietitians Association of Australia and Dental Health Services Victoria recognise the evidence – based synergy between nutrition and integrity of the oral cavity in health and disease. Dietitians and other nutrition professionals should therefore work collaboratively with oral health professionals in promoting good oral health practices.

This position statement aims to:

  • provide evidence-based oral health information for dietitians;
  • guide how oral health can be incorporated into the various roles of dietitians;
  • provide a framework for building capacity of the workforce.

Read the joint statement on oral health