Media Releases

Medicare Funding Boost a Win for Eating Disorder Treatment

Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Government regarding its commitment to improve access and affordability for those seeking eating disorder treatment in Australia. Media release

December 2018

New National Nutrition Policy is the Key for Future Health

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls for a New National Nutrition Policy, to unlock practical solutions to many of the 22 recommendations handed down by the Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia. Media release

December 2018

Aged Care Residents Starving for Change

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomes the Royal Commission into the Aged Care sector, however warns aged care residents will continue to go hungry in the process with potentially dire consequences. DAA urges the Government to recognise the serious nutrition issues of the sector and that solutions are available to address this right now. Media release

September 2018

New Research: Dietary Variety is Key to Good Health

After new research released by Cochrane found that taking omega 3 supplements provided no additional benefit in reducing risk or occurrence of heart disease, dietitians are encouraging Australians to review their diet rather than their medicine cabinet when it comes to looking after their health. Media release

July 2018

Dietitians Association of Australia Welcomes New CEO

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is pleased to announce Robert Hunt as their new Chief Executive Officer. After commencing as the interim CEO in May, Robert will continue in this position, based at the Association’s National Office in Canberra. Media release

July 2018

Gut-Friendly Foods Key in the Fight Against Winter Bugs

Looking after your gut bacteria, by choosing whole foods and prioritising probiotics, may be the key to warding off the flu this winter, according to dietitians. Media release Background

May 2018

Dietitians bowled over by café cake and muffin sizes

Australian coffee chains are selling café muffins the size of soft balls instead of tennis balls, according to new research presented at the Dietitians Association of Australia National Conference in Sydney this week. Media release

May 2018

Hidden hunger in Australia worse than first thought

New research has found one in three low- and middle-income Australian families struggle with food insecurity, or a lack of access to sufficient food – with diet quality taking a backseat to simply putting food on the table.  Media release

May 2018

New research: Omega-6 fats may help prevent cognitive decline

Australian-first research has found eating a diet higher in omega-6 fats to be associated with better cognition in older Australians. Media release

May 2018

Expanding access to Accredited Practising Dietitians at the heart of the Dietitians Association of Australia’s pre-budget submission

In the lead-up to the 2018-19 Federal Budget, the Dietitians Association of Australia is calling on the Government to invest in a healthier population by expanding access to Accredited Practising Dietitians under Medicare. Media release

April 2018

New Survey: Dietitians Trump Internet and Celebrities for Nutrition Advice

Despite an overload of nutrition information from the internet, social media, celebrities and wellness gurus, a new survey shows most Australians strongly back the advice of a qualified nutrition professional. Media release

February 2018

Dietitians Dish Up Christmas Cheer

Christmas is all about celebrating with good food and loved ones. Dietitians share their ingredients on how they create a happy and healthy festive season. Media release Background information

December 2017

New study: Poor nutrition in Aboriginal children starts from first foods

New research suggests fruit and vegetables are luxuries for young Aboriginal children in remote locations, with a third (33%) missing out on these nutritious foods. Media release.

November 2017

New research: Primary school canteens outstrip secondary schools, but both need backing to meet nutrition guidelines

As thousands of children head back to school for the second half of the school year, dietitians are calling for better support for school canteens to improve their ‘marks’ on the healthy food front. Media release

July 2017

Struggling to get your daily dose of veggies? Tap into the power of soup this winter

Plant-based diets are one of the biggest health trends this year, but despite this most Australians struggle to meet their daily vegetable quota. The answer, according to dietitians, could be as simple as a humble bowl of soup. Media release.

June 2017

High prices plague healthy foods at Australian school canteens

The first Australia-wide study of pricing in school canteens has found most schools are selling less healthy, nutrient-poor items at a fraction of the cost of nutritious choices. Media release

May 2017

New research: Aussies missing out on benefits of cereal fibre

Dietitians are urging Aussies to eat their way to good health by tapping into whole grains and high-fibre cereal foods, as new research shows most of us take in just half of what we need. Media release

May 2017

Australians spending the majority of food budget on junk food

New research shows Australian households spend the majority (58%) of their food budget on discretionary or ‘junk’ foods and drinks, including take-aways (14%) and sugar-sweetened beverages (4%). Media release

May 2017

Our sunburnt country needs a dose of the sunshine vitamin

New research shows vitamin D deficiency is rife in sunny Australia, prompting dietitians to encourage Aussies to couple safe sun exposure with a healthy ‘dose’ of nutrient-rich foods containing vitamin D.  Media release

May 2017

University students missing out on the health front

New research finds that a massive 93 per cent of university students do not eat the necessary serves of fruit and vegetable that will support them to study effectively. Media release

May 2017

Dietitians: ‘Warmth’ of the 2017 health budget not felt by all

The peak body for dietitians has welcomed measures in last night’s budget to ‘unfreeze’ Medicare, but says 2019 is too long to wait for the changes to filter through to allied health practitioners, such as dietians. Media release

May 2017

World Iron Awareness Week: spotlighting the highs and lows of dietary iron

Haemochromatosis Australia and the Dietitians Association of Australia are urging Australians to have their iron levels checked before starting supplementation, as symptoms of iron overload are similar to those experienced when iron levels are too low. Media release

May 2017

New research – University vending machines fail the healthy food test

The first study of its kind in Australia has found unhealthy food and drinks vastly outweigh healthier options in university vending machines, with dietitians calling for an overhaul of on-campus vending machines.  Media release

April 2017

Mental Health Crunch Time: Tackling physical health improves outlook

People living with mental illness could add years to their lives with the right support to get their physical health on track, according to the Dietitians Association of Australia, Exercise & Sports Science Australia and the Australian Psychological Society who have issued a joint position statement. Media release.

March 2017

Dietitians Association of Australia launches Reconciliation Action Plan

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is lauching its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which maps out the Association’s commitment to building the relationships, respect and opportunities essential to reconciliation. Media release

February 2017

Budget friendly foods help university results

As university students return for another year of study, Australia’s peak body for dietitians is urging them to consider their risk of food insecurity, a nutritional issue that can affect energy levels and academic results. Media release

February 2017

Millennials: Fancy some home cooking with your café culture?

Millennials were called out for their café-hopping habits in 2016 – and this year, on the back of new research, dietitians are urging young Aussies to translate their love of food into their own kitchen, striking a balance between the café culture and home cooking. Media release

February 2017

Kitchen creativity helps Aussies reach health goals

More than a third of Australians would like to eat more vegetables, according to research commissioned by the Dietitians Association of Australia, as part of their Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) campaign. Media release

February 2017

Launch event: Australia’s Healthy Weight Week – tenth anniversary

Join Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) ambassadors Dr Andrew Rochford and Sprout duo – celebrity cook Callum Hann and dietitian Themis Chryssidis – at the Dietitians Association of Australia’s national launch of the 10th AHWW campaign. Media release

February 2017

Dietitians: We’re surrounded by food porn, but let’s tap into our Dietary Guidelines

It’s not exactly news that, as a nation, we’re trying our luck with fad diets, but a new survey reveals just how few of us have turned to our country’s Australian Dietary Guidelines to help us eat better. Media release

February 2017

Research: Aussie dads in the kitchen boost kids’ health

New research has revealed Aussie dads take on a greater responsibility for cooking than men without children, highlighting the important contribution dads make to their family and the positive influence they have on their kids’ health. Media release

February 2017

Don’t worry, lowering the bar on home cooking is still healthy

Despite the benefits of home cooking, a new survey shows cooking at home is lower on the ‘to do’ list of many Aussies looking to improve their health in 2017, prompting dietitians to suggest… Media release

February 2017

Network Ten celebrities invite Aussies to take part in Healthy Weight Week

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) has today announced that some very famous friends of Network Ten’s children’s cooking show, Crocamole, are getting behind this year’s Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) campaign including … Media release

February 2017

Plan for ‘Smart Eating’ this Australia Day

As we prepare to celebrate all things Australian on 26 January, the nation’s peak body for nutrition professionals is launching a new website, full of recipes, healthy eating tips and nutrition information to share with your mates. Media release

January 2017

New research: Cooking shows kick goals

As celebrity cooking shows gear up for more ratings wins in 2017, dietitians are encouraging Aussies to buy into the hype, with Australian-first research showing they could be a powerful weapon in motivating people to eat more vegetables. Media release

January 2017

Aussies wasting time and money on pricey fad diets

New research shows many Australians are turning to costly quick-fixes for weight loss, prompting dietitians to warn against wasting money on short-lived weight loss results. Media release

January 2017

Research – Young Aussies jump on the fad diet bandwagon 

Young Australians seem immune to the warnings about dubious ‘A list’ diets, with new research showing they are more likely to jump on the fad diet bandwagon, compared with older Australians. Media release

January 2017

Taste of Tassie: Gourmet farmer and dietitians celebrate love of food

Gourmet farmer, Matthew Evans, is joining forces with Tasmanian dietitians to showcase high-quality, local produce to the nation’s nutrition professionals. Media release

December 2016

Give older Australians a gift of good nutrition this Christmas

Australia’s peak body for dietitians is urging Australians to enjoy a meal with older relatives, friends and neighbours this festive season, to promote social connectedness and help fend off malnutrition – a sad side-effect of loneliness among older Australians. Media release

December 2016

Health groups: Closing the gap needs urgent action to overcome food insecurity

The health gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians is set to widen unless urgent action is taken to address availability and affordability of nutrtitious food among Indigenous communities, leading health organisations have warned. Media release

November 2016

Sugary foods and drinks: Decades of advice from dietitians

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is pleased to see the release of a Grattan Institute report reiterating calls for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. DAA looks forward to seeing public policy initiatives seriously considered by the Australian Government, as a result of this renewed push. Media release

November 2016

Eating like a finals hero: Hawks reveal what it takes to fuel a premiership team

Hawthorn stars are kicking goals on the field and in the kitchen, with the finals favourites revealing their top home-cooked meals to fuel a gruelling finals series. Media release

August 2016

Dietitians: Save money by spring cleaning your pantry

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is urging Australians to keep their pantry stocked with healthy staples to help minimize food waste, starting with a pantry clean-out to extend their food budget this spring. Media release

August 2016

New research: Diet habits of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

New research has found women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are on the wrong diet track, putting their health at risk. Media release

August 2016

New research: Natural chemicals in vegetables cut risk of insulin resistance

In the first study of its kind, research has uncovered another string to the ‘health bow’ of vegetables, showing carotenoids, the natural plant chemical in vegies, may halve the risk of insulin resistance in adults, a major risk factor for some of the country’s biggest killers. Media release

July 2016

Help at hand for people watching their weight

Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders have developed a portable and easy-to-use method to help people estimate portion size using only their hands. Media release

July 2016

National Nutrition Pledge Deserves Bipartisan Support

The nations peak nutrition body has welcomed the Australian Labor Party’s pledge of $10 million into its proposed National Nutrition Framework for preventing chronic disease, tackling obesity, and alcohol misuse.  Media release

June 2016

Stay well this winter with winning meals

After a bumper cold and flu season last year, dietitians are urging Australians to boost their immune system this winter by tapping into nutritious comfort foods. Media release

June 2016

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