Nutrition Journalism Award Winners

The Nutrition Journalism Award, presented by the Dietitians Association of Australia, acknowledges and celebrates quality nutrition reporting by Australian journalists. Journalists are able to choose to submit to either the short-lead or long-lead category. We are delighted to announce our two 2017 winners:

Nutrition Journalism Award – short lead

Jessica Stanley for her story ‘Bad Habits’, which aired on Nine News Adelaide.

Nutrition Journalism Award – long lead

Rachel Clemons for her article ‘Putting a price on health’, which featured in Choice magazine (as ‘Cash Cacao’) and online.

The following people were also awarded Highly Commended (in no particular order):

What it means to win the Nutrition Journalism Award

“It is an absolute honour to receive such a prestigious award from the Dietitians Association of Australia for a topic I am so passionate about. The media has an important role to play when it comes to distributing public health messages and as a Reporter for 9 News Adelaide, I’m able to present to our viewers the latest in health research and nutritional advice. The research that my report focused on shows just how important it is to encourage healthy eating at a young age, no matter how challenging it may be, and I hope it will encourage families to think about what they are serving at the dinner table. I look forward to continuing to keep people up to date with the latest developments and working with dietitians and other health professionals in helping Australians to live healthier and happier lives.” Jessica Stanley

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have received the DAA’s 2017 Nutrition Journalism Award for my story which delves into the perceptions around and reality of what it costs to eat healthily. The endorsement means all the more to me coming from such a highly regarded organisation.

Healthy eating is a topic that many people feel passionately about, but where there is also a lot of misinformation, confusion, conflicting advice and hype. Cutting through that marketing spin, unpacking complex issues and providing people with practical ‘take home’ information is at the heart of what we do at CHOICE, and I’m proud that the DAA considered my article to do these things well. I feel that this award not only acknowledges the importance of good quality, evidence-based nutrition journalism, but the good work we do at CHOICE more broadly.

I’m fortunate that I get to write about food and nutrition for a living, and in the process get to speak to a wealth of inspiring experts, from Accredited Practising Dietitians and academics working in the field of nutrition to experts within food companies and government health organisations. This award has given me renewed energy to pursue the many more nutrition stories that are out there waiting to be written, and I look forward to learning more from these experts in the process.”  Rachel Clemons



Winner – short lead

Winner – long lead

Highly Commended (in no particular order):



Highly commended



Highly commended



Highly commended



Highly commended