Journalists Engage with DAA

Weighing up the evidence: Nutrition for journalists events

We have hosted ‘Weighing up the evidence’ seminars for journalists over the past few years – in Sydney in 2014 and Melbourne in 2016. These have discussed using an evidence-based approach to interpreting and reporting on nutrition science. Feedback from journalists has been really positive (with some great ideas for future DAA media events!).

At these events, journalists received a pack of information from DAA, including this ‘Seven point checklist for reporting on nutrition research’. 

Journalists rate DAA’s Media Program

Each year, we survey Australian journalists to gauge feedback on our work with the media. Thirty-nine journalists took part in our 2016 survey.

Respondents worked across different media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, online, TV and radio. We saw increased representation from radio and TV journalists in the 2016 survey, providing a more even distribution of responses across different outlets. Most respondents (79%) had been contacting DAA for at least six months, with a noticeable increase in those who have been contacting DAA for more than 2 years (59%, up 18%).

Key survey results include:

  • When asked about how helpful DAA is when responding to media enquiries (including organising a Spokesperson), the majority of respondents (83%) rated DAA four or five on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being ‘not helpful at all’ and 5 being ‘very helpful’.
  • When asked about how informed DAA Spokespeople are, 90% of respondents rated DAA Spokespeople four or five, on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being ‘not informed at all’ and 5 being ‘very well informed’.
  • Eighty-one per cent of respondents indicated they would most often contact a dietitian or nutritionist for comment on a nutrition related story. Doctors were the next most likely to be contacted (16%).
  • More than half of respondents (55%) most often contact DAA for nutrition-related stories – the highest of the health-related organisations listed in the survey.

Contact DAA:

DAA welcomes enquiries from journalists and media representatives. To speak with a DAA Spokesperson, or for further information or resources to support your story, please contact:

Pattie King APD
Media and Marketing Dietitian
0409 661 920