Public Statements

60 Minutes interview

We were recently approached by 60 Minutes for an interview as part of a story on Peter FitzSimons’ weight loss journey. The 60 Minutes story coincided with the launch of Peter’s new book. We thank our Spokesperson, Nicole Dynan, who was interviewed by 60 Minutes. Through Nicole, we presented a balanced message to this story, highlighting the many factors involved in weight management. Read about our position on the coverage of Peter FitzSimons’ weight loss story by 60 Minutes.

Joint Position Statement on Oral Health and Nutrition October 2015

Australia’s leading body for nutrition experts has partnered with Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) to release a joint position statement on oral health and nutrition. The position statement draws on the National Oral Health Plan, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Infant Feeding Guidelines.

Food Security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Policy

We recently worked with Public Health Association of Australia and Australian Red Cross, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Indigenous Allied Health Australia and Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation to develop a Joint Statement on Food Security and Background Paper. The purpose of the joint statement is to provide succinct data about the current situation in relation to food security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, and outline the action we and the PHAA will undertake to address the issues identified.

Dismissal of Ms Jennifer Elliott as a DAA member

We would like to present the facts of Ms Jennifer Elliott’s case and have sought legal advice prior to doing so. Please find details of the case below and an extract from the letter sent to Ms Elliott on 4 March 2015.

A joint complaint was made by a dietitian and a former patient against Ms Elliott in 2014. This included a signed release of medical records by the patient which we obtained. Based on these medical records and substantial amounts of other evidence, all of which were sighted by Ms Elliott, a hearing and investigation panel was convened. Ms Elliott declined to state her claim before a hearing and investigation panel constituted as required by the By-law, which included external representation. The decision of that panel was communicated to Ms Elliott and she was given leave to appeal which she made no attempt to do. We had no other alternative but to enforce the recommendations of the panel. The extract includes the specific reasons for expulsion, and it should be noted these DID NOT include use of a low carbohydrate diet.