Information for Healthcare Professionals

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are university-qualified experts in nutrition and dietetics who can help you achieve optimal nutrition outcomes for your patients.

This page provides health professionals with information about referring to and finding an APD, as well as links to resources available to assist in nutrition management of your patients.

See Why choose an Accredited Practising Dietitian for more information on rebates and appointment costs.

Referring to an APD

Referral form – electronic template

Referring to an APD is quick and easy using our electronic referral form template. These templates can be uploaded to most practice software packages and once populated, can be sent electronically or printed out. Key benefits of the form include:

  • Can be used to refer patients eligible for Medicare rebates (no additional paperwork)
  • Developed with APDs who currently work with GPs
  • Automatically populates patient, GP & dietitian details
  • Automatically populates information relevant to dietetic consultation
Access the templates below. Important Note: Select ‘Save As’ when the dialogue box appears. DO NOT OPEN the template files before uploading to GP Practice software. Opening the files beforehand will corrupt them. If you wish to view the form prior to uploading to GP software, you may open and view the Example Referral Form template.

APD Referral Template for Medical Director Software

APD Referral template for Best Practice Software

If you are experiencing any issues with these files, please email

For a hard copy referral form download and print the printable APD Referral form which may be used to produce APD referral pads.

Looking for APD?

Locate an APD in your local area using our Find an APD search tool

Alternatively search our Locum list to discover APDs looking for locum work


Check out our range of (mostly free) resources that can help nutrition management of your patients.

For patient education information check out Smart Eating For a Healthier You.

Role statements summarising the key responsibilities and activities for APDs working in particular areas of practice are available.